Talent Acquisition

Today, the recruiting environment is rather complex. In order to effectively recruit top talent, we need to navigate a tight labor market, become proficient in a set of relevant technologies and manage and nurture candidates and hiring managers. We bring people, technology, process and metrics into a talent acquisition function which pave success for us.

Retained Executive Search consulting in appropriate for:

  • Hiring Top-Level, Mid Level and Entry Level Prospects. (CEO - CFO - VP- GM- Manager – Executives – Shop Floor Personnel) for various Manufacturing Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Power, Cements, Sugars, Textiles, Ports, FMCG etc..
  • Specialized and trained recruiters for IT & ITES for different Technologies, Project domains & Process at various levels ( VP- GM- PM- Team Leads- Engineers- Associates etc.)


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO services outlines the scope of the project, timing, cost and more. We meet to create, discuss job descriptions, pre employment assessments, validate applicants using our own recruiting methodologies and technology or as per the customised client's techniques and systems.

  • Seasoned associates from Locusera work with every client.
  • Work for either process irrespective on-site or off-site
  • Achievement of large scale staffing goals within time frame
  • Focused and integrated approach with flexibility, effective strategy, business expertise and powerful search capabilities.
  • LOCUSERA works with the Client’s HR Team to optimize your current process

Bulk recruitment through our customized process

  • Design creative and informative advertisement for Campus Drives from reputed Institutions.
  • End to End services with comprehensive feedback
  • Analysis and MIS reports, the service are well suited for well established, startups, new project manning, plant expansion as well.
  • Service includes bulk recruitment through advertisement/ data bank within the project time frame
  • Best network enables quick processing response.


Permanent Staffing

We are providers of quality manpower outsourcing in the employment services industry, enabling our clients to outsource the entire recruitment process for permanent staff to us which benefits them, despite they can focus on organizational out-turn

  • Single window contact
  • Implementation of minimum wages
  • Manpower availability at all times
  • Help Clients to concentrate on core areas
  • Reducing internal hiring cost
  • Associate Orientation program
  • Labor Law Management
  • Maintenance of all applicable statutory laws.


Training and Development

We are concerned with organizational activities aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. Training is now considered as more of retention tool than a cost. The training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results.

  • Organizational Trainings
  • Functional Trainings
  • Technical Trainings
  • Behavioral Trainings


Payroll Management

We are specialist in providing outrageous Payroll Services. We have been progressively providing best quality and cost- effective services for our esteemed clients in order to provide hassle free HR and statutory operations of keeping a track on monthly attendance, salaries, statutory deposits, chalans, filing the returns, erroneous and late filing result in penalties etc. We benefit our client in providing

  • Integrated Biometric Attendance
  • Salary Computation
  • Compensation Management
  • Leave Management
  • Management of Arrears
  • Loan & Advance Management
  • Management of variable Earnings & Deductions
  • Management of Disbursements
  • Income Tax Management
  • Management of Bonus/Exgratia
  • Management of Gratuity
  • Computation of PF, ESI, P.Tax. & LWF
  • Computations of Returns
  • Factory workers hourly, daily, Shift, weekly payroll


Compliance Management

Every organization must comply with a variety of regulations, standards and corporate policies that govern the conduct of their business. Our service approach ensures Statutory Compliance both from the organizational perspective as well from employee’s perspective, safe guarding right and interests that minimize redundancy and maximize control not only to reduce the costs associated with their compliance programs but also to help ensure the quality, reliability, and completeness of their compliance management efforts. We provide

An indicative list of Labour Regulations we comply with

  • PF & Misc Provisions Act
  • ESI Act
  • Professional Act
  • Labour Welfare Fund
  • Trade License
  • Shop and Establishments Act
  • Contract Labour Regulation and Abolitions Act
  • Payment of Bonus Act
  • Payment of Gratuity Act
  • Payment of wages Act
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • Factories Act
  • Other Labour Laws & Regulations as applicable for the establishment


Industrial Legal Assistance

Locusera has an innovative approach towards the traditional field of law related services & has the best of technology and systems to handle its ever growing client database with tremendous ease. We have a versatile team of skilled lawyers practicing law with a rare passion. We are a full service law firm dedicated to professional excellence, personal and high quality support and effective solution-oriented advocacy.

Our Legal assistance is helpful in order to eliminate the disability laws and clauses of the written undertakings, covenants and agreements. It also helps to rescue from the below furnished under which secures organizations from

  • Corporate Issues
  • Contractual Issues
  • Labor Issues
  • Tax Issues
  • Governance Issues
  • Publicity Issues


HR and Legal Audits

A HR audit is an objective examination of your business HR policies, practices, and procedures. Our goal is to look for trouble spots and identify the ways you can improve. We provide multiple types of HR audits which are risk mitigation and value creation.

  • Risk mitigation will mainly look for areas where you can get into legal trouble or are leaving yourself open to employment-related lawsuits.
  • Value creation will mainly look for areas where your processes and policies can be improved to maximize the value of your employees or attract better employees.

A Legal Audit is very prudent in order to prevent laws generated with copious and serious discretion and aware to divide with any legal actions rising in upcoming future and resultantly may end in getting fined, sued, penalty imposition and prosecuted in evadable legal actions due to lacunae or deficiencies residing in the agreements, statutes, undertakings, documents and laws accomplished by the companies, partnerships, individuals and Corporates.


Patents and IPR Filing

LOCUSERA also having expertise in providing guidance and consultation in core area of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Designs, further extending assistance for registration & protection of intellectual property. Moreover we facilitate guidance, consultation & assistance for incorporation of Partnership Firms, Pvt. Ltd. /Ltd. Companies, Societies, Co-operative Societies, Trust etc. and has extended its activity to the core area of protection of IPR through litigation (for & against).

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Designs


Green Field Project Executions

We believe that the ideal aim of the Greenfield Project is to provide end-to-end solutions for a business start-up and business extensions. Locusera offers you successful Project management which includes right from acquisition of land, registration with the concerned authority and specific expertise in registering SEZ/Non SEZ sites taking Stamp Duty and Registration Fee exemptions from the concern department and also preference being given to time and cost control of our clients.

Compliance to ensure for a Project/Plant/Factory

  • Registration of Establishment under required laws.
  • aking NOC (No Objection Certificate) Under Local Grampanchyat
  • Consent To Establish (Green, Orange, Red) Under PCB (Pollution Control Board)
  • Provisional Fire License from the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Rescue Services
  • Obtained Certificate of Registration By Principal Employer Under Contract labor Act
  • Ensured the labor License From labor Contractor (Building & Plant Erection & commissioning)
  • Obtained License of Contractor under Building & Other Construction Worker Act,
  • Power Load Sanctioned & Transformer Permission & Installation from Local Office
  • Registration of Factory (Including Preparation & Submission Plant & Machinery Lay out , Stability Certificate, Proceed for Factory License)
  • Detailed licensing activity, viz. Electrical Power, Registration under VAT, TIN, State Sales Tax and CST etc

Our Clients