Cloud Computing

Locusera has solid technical advisories who will help companies in deploying cloud as part of their digital transformation journeys to leverage the full potential of cloud in terms of cost, storage, security and infrastructure. We design and provide tailored cost effective cloud solutions for faster and better deployments in agile way.

We help customers to capitalize cloud computing to improve their operational efficiency and enhanced innovation by taking through decisions related to the right cloud type, right cloud offering and the right cloud platform. We also provide expert guidance in building new models in the rapidly growing and changing computing landscape to enable you to choose the right kind of cloud solution.



Locusera offer automation services with robust methodologies that help customers to lay a consistent, strong, strategic and cost-efficient automation road map. We  work closely with them to understand the purpose of automation and we plan to ensure right automation strategy with minimum effort. We also work towards finding the right compatability tool, design, framework for the product or purpose.

We provide consulting services for automating captious business processes and prepares customers or business for this approach by achieving operational primeness, realistic design implemenation, executional agility, compliance, marketing program and product relevance.


Software Development

Locusera help customers or clients on how to configure large applications, design, analyze, write code, or fix bugs. We customize software systems for specific tasks or industries. We also analyze company computer systems to determine how software can make processes more efficient.

We provide consultation in applying the principles and techniques of computer engineering, information analysis and computer science to design, build and develop customer computer systems and software using the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) models like waterfall, iterative, v-shaped, spiral and Agile.


Database Management Support

At Locusera with its esteemed advisories and consultants provide database management services that include protecting the customers data, preventing it from legal and compliance risks and make the data-driven applications perform at their best. It also includes performance monitoring and tuning, capacity planning and storage, backup and recovery, data partitioning, data archiving, replication, high availability, disaster recovery, masking and retirement.

Locusera promote a heterogeneous database environment method. Our consultants with varied specialized database skills enable us to provide service and support complex mixed technology environments to customers which includes DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB and Sybase. We are specialists in handling big data for analyzing and providing insights using various analyzing and reporting tools. 


Resource Management

Locusera provides resource management software tools consultants who extends their support to organizations to track the availability of their employees, identify what skills they possess and schedule them for projects, optimize employee workloads and identify key resources or best suited employees for certain projects. We also help companies manage projects and allocate identified personnel.

We provide assistance to the customers to easily plan, schedule (and reschedule) projects, track project budgets to forecast teams time and other expenses which helps them to plan ahead and prevent unwanted surprises. Also companies can able to keep track of utilization, compare staff and contractors, drill down to specific department reports and compare billable time including holidays.

Our Clients